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If you're interested in mom/boy sex and want to exchange stories please contact me. I love to talk with mature women who have similar interests or experiences. I like to exchange photos including photos involving my sexually experiences and even my family.

But I would really like to hear from young men/boys who would like to chat online. I'm a mature lady who wants to have some fun.


I've been married for nearly 30 years but my sexual interests do not always involve my husband. I prefer my boys young and inexperienced. I'm not entirely to blame as it was my husband that spurred my obsession when he introduced my eldest son into our bedroom after a night of drinking. I could never forget how amazing that night was and I've had to keep many secrets since then. I also have a strange fetish for mothers and wives. I like to exchange sexual photos with family women and I search porn sites for mom/boy movies. I'm a subscriber of Taboo websites when I can watch mature women fuck young boys. I like hearing stories from women of similar interests. It makes me horny.


Comments (29)

mom47 wrote 2 years ago

Hello,,,,I`d love to talk sometime with you ,,,we may have a common interest,,,,,,Donna

Hawaiian01 wrote 2 years ago

hi there would love to eat you all night im at would like to chat wish I was your son LOL

Kennyboy82 wrote 3 years ago

We share such identical interests, we should be friends! xx

Fall3n wrote 5 years ago

Hi... Skype, yahoo? Lets play.

mjver1123 wrote 5 years ago

mmmmm got any pics of you with your son? ;)

redvento wrote 5 years ago

Love your profile Kath and would love to chat and swap experiences

Cera06 wrote 5 years ago

Hi Mom! You sound like you really enjoy what we do as well. My wife loves gang bangs, and she like all ages but loves the young stud gang bangs!! She can tell you stories!

nick622 wrote 5 years ago

great profile, have similar fantasies but towards naughty older women :)

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