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Men, Men (TG), Women, Women (TG), Shemales


Hair length Short
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Glasses No
Tattoos No
Piercings No
Beard No
Mustache No
Pubic hair Yes
Chest hair No
Penis size Big
Circumcised No

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Sex with men
Sex with women
Sex with shemales
Sex with men (TG)
Sex with women (TG)
Russian (between boobs)
Camera allowed
Cum on body
Cum on face/mouth

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I know why you are reading this, because we share the same curiosities and passion for cocks, balls, and sissy fag cunts, but mostly anal sex (sissy cunt/pussy fuck). We both love to look like a fucking sissy fag bitch fashioning stockings, women’s underwear, bras, etc. You are most probably like me also married and have a regular life outside the sissy fag cocksucker reality. I know that you also switched over time from man/woman standard porn to only gay and shemale porn. You have secretly worn your wife’s underwear when she was away from the house and fuck yourself with her dildo while watching gay porn imaging that the sissy ass on the screen was yours… and/or also hid secretly a dildo and stockings while traveling business, I know that you could not wait until you come back to your hotel after a company’s meeting to fuck your sissy ass and watched on the mirror how that dildo fucked your sissy ass in and out... I also know that you swallow your cum when you jerk off and imagine that this cum that licked and swallowed down your throat belonged to an imaginary sissy fag partner with a huge, massive cock that barely fit in your mouth…
You kind of also not even mind being caught by your wife wearing her underwear and fucking your sissy ass with her dildo (I was in fact caught… and it was the one of the best times in my life…), so you could actually tell your wife what really turns you on, either she accepts it, or it may be the end… may be an opportunity for you to openly become a sissy fag fulltime and spend the rest of your life sucking cocks, fucking other sissy cunts, and having your sissy cunt filled with cum repeatedly… one after the other, the bigger the cock you suck… the better. You pictured yourself a lot of times in a doggie pose while your sissy fag ass is fucked repeatedly and your mouth is abused like a cunt swallowing massive loads of cum… you just don’t get enough from being around with another sissy fags like you.
I tell you what, if we share the same passion, I cannot promise you that I can fuck your sissy ass, or you can fuck mine, life is about logistics, BUT in the meantime we can share photos, vids, experiences, who knows, we could even talk on the phone or Skype when your wife is away. I live in Southern Spain very close to the coast, so if you happened to be around, we could meet to jack off together, if the chemistry kicks in, I’ll do a “California gay jerk” you, what is it? you are kneeling on the floor with your legs spread a little bit apart, hands up in the air against a wall. I’m standing sideways right next to you, with my left hand I’m fingering your sissy pussy from behind, my right hand is stroking your sissy cock and slightly pulling on your sissy balls. At the same time, I softly bite and lick on your nipples, lips, and tongue and whisper to your ear… “ you are just a sissy fag bitch like me… and I know you love this…”
For singles this is much easier, just keep in mind that any eventual meeting has to done under discretion.
I love to shower together with another sissy fag bitch and pee each other.
No scat, I offer maximum hygiene and expect the same. I’m a very sporty individual and I spend a lot of time in the shower.
I have a 7 inch (18 cm) sissy cock that you would love to have in your hand, mouth, and who knows deep inside your sissy fag ass.
STD free, so I expect the same if we ever meet.
No drugs.
Non smoker.
Non drinker.
No meds.
No children.
You must be over 18.
English spoken my sissy bitch.
Deutsch gesprochen meine Tunte
Habla español mi zorra maricona
On parle francais ma lopette
I always reply to all my inquiries.


Gay men, shemales & trans. Exchange intel, photos, vids, eventually meet to jack off, suck, and lick each other's pussy... and who knows... may fuck each other


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