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Eye color Unspecified
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Penis size Unspecified
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Urinal_Fan wrote 5 years ago

No content is block.

unclegeorge wrote 5 years ago

You're not fucking listening are you? So read this..... YOU ARE BLOCKED

ExtremPervers wrote 6 years ago

No Profile? Fuck off...

jaxslutluver wrote 6 years ago

Sir: I sincerely doubt you have any intentions of ever posting on this site, particularly something I would enjoy. You have been on here for some time & nothing yet. You are a lurker, never contributing, just enjoying others work....and that is fine, no problem. But now you want friendship with nothing to offer in return. You have not read my profile prior to requesting friendship, or if you did, you chose to ignore it and pester me anyway. The last thing I want do is to block someone but you leave me no choice. You are blocked!

waltvrouw wrote 7 years ago

No profile pic = no friend: next time I'll block you

tomsexfox wrote 7 years ago

no pics, no friendship.

Okmionik_R71 wrote 8 years ago

no pics, no friendship.

unclegeorge wrote 8 years ago

ask again when you've posted something

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