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So who took the love out of scat pleasures

More and more of the material that is on the net is violent. People forcing other people to do things against their will, yes I know it can be part of a sm game, but my concern is that the love part for non sm people disapear.
I dont like to generalize, but now I do it anyway. Whenever i see loveless scat scenes it involves men, either dominating or being so selfdestructrive low that it doesnt make sense. I love women as much as men and could just watch lesbian scat scenes for which 95% are passionated and loving, but I miss men that dares to be inbetween total dominating and selfdestructive and show passion and love

Summer is here and summer vacation with my grandchildren here there and everywhere

This means I can only sneak in here few times so I am not always able to answer as fast as I would like to

The best from both worlds. I can not imagine being without my nice little bitch. She obay every order I give her no matter what it is and at the same time she manage to be a very attractive lady with a powerfull job and got what it takes to seduce a man. At the same time I feel flattered over my two young men that every week and sometimes two times a week drive for two hours each way to spend their evening pleasing me in all sort of ways mostly with me in controle. I enjoy their eager cocks and, if I let them, they give me double penetration in all three variations. She is most often told to just watch without touching herself or us, but I can allow her to prepare their cocks after they ejaculated two times or more and sometimes need a helping hand or mouth and she cleans me in the morning. I like to be filled inside when i go to sleep and I can sometimes use my hand to taste the love cocktail or have her kiss me after sucking in some love fluid. I would not like if I had to chose between my lust for women and men and am happy they dont want me to, even though I have had a little concern about them either finding together and letting me out or dropping out. I still stand proud with my breasts still lactating and my nipples pointing more forwards than downwards and I still get wet easaly and do my contractions every morning but Im no spring chicken anymore.

One of these days where lust is master of my body and mind. It got a little late yesterday evening and I'm shure she is tired at work, but I know I'm going to love her more and more. she woke me early with her mouth and hands all over and inside me and she manages to find the perfect point of making me sore without breaking the skin and now I cant stop following the itch and am pleasing my body and mind in every possible way. I just went to buy bread even though I have already just to get out in the wind and have it blow my skirt up to expose my fanny and butt. I got a nice comment from a man leaving the shop as I entered after having walked naked and exposed from the waist and down on my way to the door and getting in there standing waiting I squished my legs together as much as I could without falling and let a stream of pee run slowly and i nearly managed to get myself an orgasm. I did shortly after on my bycicle and I cant even touch a doorhandle without getting thoughts and touching myself. I have not yet descided what I will demand her to do on her way home but I am afraid it will be as unfair and perverted as my love to her.

Very nice and intense relief and still sitting on her head writing this. I have let her pleasure my butthole with a net stocking round her arm for the past nearly two weeks. It can only be little at the time and not every day to keep me sore without going too far. It is a very nice and sexualy rewarding feeling both when she slide her arm in me and the net structure in the stocking rubs inside my butthole and the feeling when i relief myself through the sore skin. It is like a increase of sensitivity in my butthole and the tickling from her toungue and my waste passing through get my closer to orgasm faster. I can only recomment using a net stocking and if you dont have someone to fist you i think a big soft dildo should be fine too and the remains of the stocking can be tied round something so you can slide over it and have it pulled out handsfree. Hope this is usefull and hope all have a nice and rewarding day. Kisses from me

This is very rewarding and I believe I am falling in love, but I have to say it is very demanding as well. From the very start there has been no doubt that I am the lady of the house and even though she looks fantastic has a very nice body and a trusted job in charge of both budget and people, she remains my slut and is to be treated as the trash she is when she is home or in her car. For more than a week now she has been living from my body dumps and only little other. She has had lunch two times as a part of her job and she is allowed to keep sperm and pee from men. To make shure she gets enough vitamins and proteins I stick in a vitamin pill and I try to swallow beans almonds and small mushrooms without chewing them and they seems to come out as hole and she will chew every mouthfull throughly. It can be a problem for her eating it all in the morning and she vomit nearly every second day, but she needs to learn and she can get a drinking cup with her vomit and drink it later on facetime :-) learning all the time. What should have brought her in a little stress on her way home seems to have changed in to pure pleasure. She has men waiting for her along the road now, so I have told her she can not shave and she have to smear some og her own dumping in her butt to chalenge the men but I am not shure it will make it harder for her

What will be a fair penalty. I gave her a simple task on her way home, to get her butthole filled with sperm and to keep it there untill she came home. I gave her an egg cup and she could not even fill it half, just a little over a third and that included some small light brown lumps. She says she got two men to sperm in her but it is too little from what I expected. I have stripped her down and shes in her kitchen cupboard and I will let her out when I have descided what to do or latest tomorrow morning when I need her to eat from and lick my butthole clean and she has to go to work.

I am now officialy in a relationship with a yonger woman. She has moved in here, got her name on the mailbox, learning my way of living and so far able to please me as I like it. She has to drive far to get to work and back so I still have the most of my day as usual. As much as I enjoy her dress up every morning to be a chick business woman, as much do I love controlling and humiliating her when she starts driving home and comes home to serve me.

A very nice morning for shure. I am sitting in my own morning droppings squezed out of my very tired and sore butthole filling my butt cheak crack and smeared on my breasts and under my ose with my left hand. my right hand is for gently touching my clit and by now greasing my keyboard. I have managed to get four very strong orgasms in just a half hour just feeling my streatched and used butthole and my demanding lustfull pussy and gently rubbing my creamed nipples and my eager clit. My young and atractive men descided yesterday evening that they wanted to drive for one and a half hour down here and back this morning to be told how to behave and to please my body the way I wanted and the way they wanted too I guess, I would have stopped a little earlier to spare my body but they managed to go through more than five hours of filling my body in many ways. I had my way with them as they arrived when I told them to undress each other and gently lick cock balls and butthole on each other before they were allowed to touch my body and I insisted on three way kissing with their sperm after third round and it turned both on. I will do a slide and one or two more good orgasms in the shower now and then the sun will hopefully shine so I can get some sleep outside. Hope all will have a nice and lustfull day.

Autum is saying hello. This has been one of the best summers I can recall, the feeling of the sun on the bare skin I can recall from being a girl that liked being naked even though it was not normal in my home. Nudelife outside has been a pleasure for more than three month now, not only for me, but for everyone, giving nice views on the beach. The chilly mornings giving a more focus pleasure on my nipples as they stand proud and hard with the glands and my areola pulling the breasts together. I like wearing silk at this time even though I should wear woll but to get the attention it is still worth frezing a little. Men are staring and I like the fact that I can give them lust and erecting their cocks, but it pleasures me more if I can get girls and women to stare or just pretend the are looking somewhere else when they stare and if they are not wearing a bra and I see reaction under their top it is nice. I recall a teacher from my school many years ago, she was unfortunately never my teacher but she had the most fantastic breasts and I am shure every girl in school wanted to look like her and every boy and teacher for that matter saw her for their eyes when they masturbated.

Why are men so shy. I am sitting on my machine getting a nice warm flush. My two young male friends has left for work just 15 minutes ago. One of them does not have to leave that early, but the other one will not leave untill the first does as well, a bit childish , but they are young. They were both in me this morning filling me up to the pain limit at first pressing my waiting morning poop back in me and it took what seemed to be a long time before my riding their cocks enabled the poop to slide down their cocks and squeze out of my buthole to ease the presure a bit. They asked for this morning poop ride just two days ago and I think they have been talking a lot about it. Their consern is that even though they have been together on sexual dates like the ones they have with me, they dont want to relate to each other in a sexual way. They want to relate to me only, but both at the same time. They dont like when I tell them to lick the other cock or just finger the other buthole. They made clear the first time they were not gay as they said and would not fuck each other and so far I respect that and it gives me a tool to push them. But when they penetrade me, often in my butt, they love doing it together so their cocks are squezed together in me and rub each other and having their cockheads rubbed against each other in my mouth make them sperm and they enjoy the play with their cockheds in my sperm filled mouth and especialy one of them giggles as he stars peeing after a while and they both love that. To me they seems in love with each other, or at least in love with having sex togheter so why cant they just let go and do it for full. They tell me they have been with a couple many times but dont like the man to play with their cocks but they have also rubbed cocks with him inside the woman so why

The pleasure of plesuring others. My appletrees are still full with apples and I could not help just let my poop out in bed this morning. I know I have to clean up myself and I struggle not to pee, but the feeling of the almond bits passing through is just so nice. I make applepie from my apples and I use a lot of almonds in the pie. I just chop them ligthly so there are nice big bits and if they are not chewed for too long time when eaten they will exite on their way out. I think of the pleasure this gives to the people that have my pie and just seeing them eat the pie arouses me

A little bit proud. I am no spring chicken any more and age have set its marks. My breasts are still pointing more forward than down and my bum are ok so I know I attract mature gentlemen and ladies on the beach and I am happy so. Today I got some extra attention from two young men, they are 22 and 24 and have entertained me all day first on the beach and then here in my garden for mutual pleasure no less than three times. They are both good looking and both well equiped and promised they will be back tomorrow if I want them to. I were on the beach as usual and there were young attractive girls and women too, but they came to me first. That makes me proud. I will try to keep some in me tommorow morning so they will get a chance to have their cocks creamed when they serve my butthole

Can you heal yourself just by smelling your own poo. It gives pleasure and I am very satisfied when the first scent comes in the morning and it is flavoured just as I know it will be due to my eating and drinking and sometimes my excersice level. Most times I can prdict the color too and even color changes sometimes. I have an old friend that comes here now and then and stay over one or two days. Her husband died several years ago before mine and she moved to live closer to her grand children. She is a neat lady and was most time the more lady like when we were together. Her husband shared sexual interest with my husband and they were among the five most active in our group for many years. Most times when she comes she needs comforting and nearly every time we end up like I did with my husband the last years he was weak, me sitting on the heated bathroom floor and her laying naked sucking milk from my breast and letting all go as we sit there and at that point she seems to find comfort in the smell of her own poo as i gently smear it on her cheaks and body. It will always be her own never mine. At the point when she falls asleap I know she will be positive in her mind when she wakes up when I gently wash her. Sometimes the cuddling and is enough, sometimes she or I rubs her until she reach an orgasm before she fals asleep. I sometime have a special scent that stays in my skin even though I wash, or maby they all do and this is just the one I can sense the remains of. Maby we are to smell ourselves more, maby the habit of putting fingertips inside our openings to be able to smell ourselves is not just for sexual lust but has a healing effect too

Being served from the moment you feel the lust tickling inside the body. Here things are nearly back to normal, my family went home tuesday and yesterday and the couple came back to stay till sunday and my old friend followed with them, he has falen in love with the young man and I love to see them play with each other. I just called for the girl to serve me when i woke and she does a very good job and she looks so adorable both covered and simply naked. I helped myself to her chrotch and I love having my hand inside her. They both have to start job now and I'm not too optimistic about them coming to stay again, so I will use every moment to abuse them till they leave.

Releaved myself on the beach just this morning. There were not many people but still maby 20 in total within the nearest 100 meters. Some had obviously been sleeping there to judge from the grill and bottles spread around them and some eating breakfast and some just laying naked to my inspiration. My old friend the young couple and I have been planing this for some days, but my family is still with me so it is difficult to get away before I have to let go. We managed to get settled on a blanket and positioned so I could sit on top of the girls mouth without everyone looking, but I notised some were and before I left them there were 3 males and a couple coming close enough to show their interest. I believe they are still there, but I had to go home.

When a sore and hurting feeling turns you on in its own strange way. My family was out all day yesterday on a event that involved lots of children play so I managed to excuse myself to stay home and I struggled a bit to hold back until they were gone and I had planned to walk to my old friend who have the younger couple in his basement as long as my family are here but since it was so much over time I couldnt walk and still hold back so I made a quick descission and took a rather large buttplug and just rubbed some oliveoil on it and placed on the corner of the seat of one of my kitchen chairs and without warning for my butthole I tried to sit down and to get it to block in my butthole but trying to hold back for so long time had made my ringmuscle kramp and I couldt just relax to let te plug in so I pulled my asscheaks aside with my hands and sat with all my weight on the plug and tried to relax and finaly when I tried to shit it went in and it was bigger than I remembered I have had it in me some times when my husband was alive but it was mostly for him and now I use it for men that want to be streatched out totally but it was now blocking my butthole and only little shit has escaped in the process and I just rubbed it under my breasts and put my dress on and took my bicycle and now it was there I got brave enough to stop by the baker and I even went down to the habour just to enjoy the people can could see under my dress and the feeling of a totally streatched butthole. Getting it out went fine and I sat on the girl since my friend had been using the young man mostly after discovering his new descire and it is amazing how nice it felt filling her mouth with one of the thickest drops I have ever had and now I sit here with a nice hurting feeling that makes my lust grow all the time

To what extend shall my lust rule my life. I have family here for two weeks and I love having them, my son and daughter with wife and husband and all my lovely grandchildren. They are going for activities some of the days and my younger couple has now been installed in an other place than first agreed, but they are been taken good care of. My thoughts are if its still ok when I "sneaked out" this morning to go and empty myself in three lovely faces and gently rub a old friends cock in some of my morning poop and make him get what comes close to an orgasm and then cycle by the baker for bread as an excuse for being away and prepare their breakfast with the hands that have just been fondling a smeared up butthole and cock. I have washed them ofcourse but the scent is still there.
Is it ok I am sitting here pleasuring while they are in the garden.
I hope it is.

Its never to late to learn or maby just discover hidden desires. One of my very old friends, from when my husband used every oppotunity to make unforgetable limitless get togethers, came two days ago to deliver back some serving plates and others they had for a get together last weekend. Since we know each other very well and know about all our small games and lust I asked him if he would do a fovour and come when he needed to go and he did yesterday morning even before I had emptied myself and I took him to the couple and since we now were two I wanted us to sit on one each and to my supprice he asked to sit on the man. He has never had sexual descires for other men. He have been close and I have been filled with both his and my husbands cock at the same time and he has been round other men naked but never had direct sex but now he wanted to sit on the man and I saw his cock getting more exited than it has been for years, he is 86 and even peeing hasnt been so good for years but now his cock was getting bigger and he enjoyed a male tongue in his asshole for shure and 'I smiled at him and said the mans cock hadnt been allowed to sperm for two weeks and i took his hand and let it to the cock and before no time he bent down and had the cock in his mouth and the man took his cock in his mouth instead now and I couldnt just sit and watch and since I har already let my morning poop come to my butthole I crawled over and laid myself face down over them and fingered myself when my poop slit out of my butthole down my pussy and fingers and in to the face and i managed to have an orgasm before anyone else and then grabbed some of my poop and started to masturbate the old nice cock and the younger cock now filled his mouth with sperm and even though I couldnt get the old proud standing cock to sperm he enjoyed it so much and he was here this morning as well and I hope we will be able to make him sperm one day soon now he discovered the other side of his descires

Tasting her own medicin. My younger couple are back and plan to stay for 4 weeks more and it works fine most time gives some challenge when I have family here and so but I have arangement with an old friends couple where they can stay in their garden for now. He had last time a good experience with mainly living from our shit and mens sperm and little extra and she fully enjoyed the attention she was given by many men and she humiliated him as much as possible so now I have descided she will be joining him as underdog and this morning he has been emptying his used asshole three times in to her hungry mouth. Only little of his own shit but a nice portion of a friends that was shit directly in his hole and fucked in by a aged but hard enough cock and mixed with the sperm. I love her pretty face and body decorated and she is learning to lick deep in me and swollow without puking.

Does anyone have experience with living nearly only from poop and pee. I have a younger man here that have nearly only had his girlfriends and mine poop and urine for 5 and a half day now. He does get his own nearly fluent poop and pee too and have lots of sperm and some poop from other men and since i worry a little bit I have every morning been eating fried eggs and tomatoes and vomited in his mouth to make shure he get some protein. He seems to manage fine so far, only his very liquid poop indicates a little digestion problems but I have seen that many times before. He seems happy his hands teid to his feet and his cock is wrapped with a silkband and he is erected many times every day without being allowed orgasm. They will like to stay here for a week more and she enjoy humiliating him with nearly all my male friends, I just want to be on the safe side.

The scent of love filled my nose all morning and I couldt tell if it was my dreams or the hand inside my butthole that made my cunt float with liquids of lust. I have a younger couple here for more than a week now and their lust for love leaves nothing to wish for. Life is great, love is wonderfull and lust is what keeps you going.

From poop you are born in poop you will pleasure. Have this years first carrot from my own natural fertilized garden in me. It feels great but looking forward to get them bigger, but still love just to walk with the green top as a tail.

Have just had a nice experience to prove love and desire have nothing to do with age. I have just been served in any possible way by four men and a woman all less than 30 years old and all here for their second or third time and th couple staying her at least till tomorrow.

A loving good morning to all let me hug and kiss you and hold you to my breast and let you get the scent from my skin of an absolutely wonderful morning where my slightly creamy body paste were hand picked inside me and smeared to my body in the light of the rising sun and even though it was chilly for a start and my nipples stood very hard it turned in to a very warm and loving session with no holding back from any of us. I'm sure it will be the most growing part of the garden with natural organic fertilizer rubbed and sprayed with passion and love. Be good to one an other and don't miss a opportunity to please the body.
Kiss hugs and love, Benthe.

Now is the time when the flowers are budding and nipples and clitoris too when exposed in the garden for the first time nearly all day long. The feeling is as always great and even though it is a bit windy I want to be outside feelin the sun the wind and my body and the wind makes it a bit more delightful letting the stream be splashed on my legs. Welcome spring.

End of September last weekend outside naked in the garden needs to keep going to stay warm so lots of garden work and warm drinks

Summer happy week for friendly people with a kinky touch
one week from saturday till saturday in august
48 naked people in a 6 m by 8 m pool
the pool will be empty from start and there will be food and drinks served day and night
it will be a total pleasure experience in eating loving ejaculating shitting pissing sleeping and feeling the love from one another sharing our wishes filth and desires creaming our bodies and getting aroused by our craving lust
cost is only to cover for food and drinks

Hi, Im a widov from Denmark that has spend most of my mariage with sex and nakedness.

Need to correct my text a little, I am so fortuned to have a girl living with me full time now and she gives me some very good lifequality. We are both fond of the pleasures of actively enjoy all the lovely liquids the body produce and even though I still have the leading role she is starting to show interest in setting the rules for playing which I find very nice as a variation in time

Im hopeing to find people I can visit for mutual fun.

Let it be said, Im not fond of bodyhair of any kind.

News for end of july 14 we (my apprentice) and I have just been on a very nice holyday to a Greek island and we both enjoyed the sun, beach and hospitality as well as the free culture, besides from a scarf we wrapped round uorselves when we we eating we enjoyed been naked with fellow open minded people all day and night

Back home we have found a very nice spot on a local beach where we plan to establish a little sosciety for open minded people and my huge house and garden are at disposal as well
Addendum: Maby this ought to be in the end of the text, but I find it nesseary to state some things regarding meetings and common sexual pleasures. I dont mind sharing experience, but I dont want to be a teacher as such, I expect to have fun as well. I live alone most of the time and am happy to do so, meaning that I will not go into any form of steady relationship and repeating meeting should be for mutual fun, so please understand a polite hint. I cant just meet with someone before I know at least the basic things about the person. Young men are still welcome, but my expectations will be that you have only few limits and you should be able to compensate for your lack of experience by presenting a nice and smooth cock that stands proud for many hours and can deliver multiple loads. Young girls are still wellcome too, but be prepared to go further than you usualy do and remember I wil be your sexpartner and nothing else.
Matures of both sex as well as couples are very wellcome, just bare in mind I can not be dominated by a man in any way. I can dominate if the situation calls for it, but again it cant be with "external" influence. I have the basic attitude to sexual fun "the more the marrier" so be prepare and open towards groups.

News: First of all I will wish all a happy new year and hope everyone will have some good time and dont forget to be nice to your body in all of the preparation stress...
I got my first xmas present just before christmas and besides from being a little early and that I have tippet in myself, it is so far the best presant I have had for a long time. It a "machine" a friend og mine has made for me and incldues everything I could wish from such a machine. I sit on a nicely stuffed leather seat or more like a saddle. There is a rest for the knees and a controle panel in the front. He has made it using no less than 8 different maschineshop tools and some pumps and motors. Undernieth the hole thing is a tray with a drain and before use I can fill water or oil in some tanks and it will be heated to a selectable temperature.
Sitting on it I can chose to have different kind of "licking pads" to rotate on a wheel in selectable patterns and chose if I want them vibrating and chose lubrication of two different kinds either spraying on the pads or directly on my clitoris either constantly or pulsed. Undernieth is a dildo that has many functions. It can go up and down in selectable depths, rotate or vibrate and shoot liquids of my choice either constantly or pulsed with different strength. In the back there is a simular dildo with same functions and additionally it can be inflated at the top end. I have just tested it with professional guidens for 2 hours without leaving the saddle for a second and it has has made totally exhausted and constantly smiling. I have just had a uncountable number of different orgasms and to be "polite" I tried giving him a blow job while I sat there, but couldnt focus on anything but my body getting stimulated in all different kinds of ways. He helped himself he just told me and managed to cum twice in my face and over my body, just watching me.
It was pretty messy when I finaly just let myself fall off, I just couldnt get up.
He just cleaned it for me and I have invited him over for another demonstration tomorrow afternoon. Dont know if I wil climb it again before that, at the moment my body just feel totally satisfied and I just want to kiss this machine all over.
For me it will be a very merry xmas Im shure.

News : I am planing to go to Cap d'agde with one of two friends of mine next summer. None of us have been there before, but heard and read good things about the place. For me/us the main attraction will be I think to be able to have unrestricted sex in full public. I normally hesitate from pleasing myself or others in public, not to harme anyone. I hope it will be as good a n experience as I think it will. I can imagin how nice it must be just to please myself or someone else when the lust is there and hopefully there will be many others to watch as well. Does anyone here have experience from the place ?

PS Im not judging from age, race, sex, sexuality or other things

PPS: Some people describe some of my sexual habits as being kinky, mostly wet, so if you only like misionary position in the dark just forget my profile

PPPS: I am attracted to both men, women and couples, old as well as young and if you believe you can introduce me to new kinds of sexual pleasures I would be openminded and go for it.

PPPPS: I can not be submissive to a man anymore, maby a woman strong in physics and mind, but I love to dominate both sex.

I have started to use the videos on this site for entertainment when I am being gentle to myself and I enjoy watching the wet ones and especialy the ones taken with hidden camera. They show real lust and enjoyment from a turned on person that think she/he is alone and therefor react with natural lust and caress the body in the way they feels like with no limitation.

On my own again, it was were nice having her here and we have arranged she will come back after the coming semester.


Any sexual related fun
Love Cap d'agde and Maspalomas


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Absolutely fucking incredible!

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How very exciting, you accepted my friends request. Thank you. I'm looking forward to our friendship blossoming and maybe becoming more 'personal' and 'intimate!' xx

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Fake ?

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Thank you kindly for accepting my friend request, what an amazing biography and what an amazingly lurid mind you have. Only wish i was not so far away or i would apply for a position with you. Wishing you well beautiful lady.

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Thank you very much for accepting the friend request. Br luzi

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Takk for add . Spennende dame

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Herzlichen Dank!!! Thank you very much & Tak!!!

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tak for venskabet :)

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Thanks for the add. I love your photo! You have a great body. ;-)

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Red in your profile that you also give fams an accommodation . Must be nice for us spending some time at your lovely house and serve you as you fulfilling your desires and being a your and your friends servants..

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Altid dejligt at læse din lange profil tekst

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