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Kire1974 wrote 10 years ago

schade nix zum Tauschen

jaxslutluver wrote 10 years ago

OK, I UNDERSTAND..... YOU CAN'T READ...... You leave me no are blocked...

jaxslutluver wrote 10 years ago

Sir: I would, again, respectfully ask that you read my profile. As it states, I try to answer every friend request and post comment. It is very time consuming. When I get repeated requests from people with empty profiles or only cock shots after I have told them I will not friend them until they post something worthwhile, it tells me you have not read it or don't care. At any rate it now becomes rude & disrespectful. So, I ask again, please, read my profile and respect my position. Thank you.

AO_Nudism wrote 10 years ago

Mit Chemie-Erich stimmt die Chemie nicht.

meerlust wrote 11 years ago

Dann blocken wir dich halt, wenn du so nicht lesen kannst.

jamaicajoe wrote 11 years ago

Dies ist eine Sharing-Site & I einziger Freund Menschen mit etwas zu teilen. Sag was lohnt, sonst, wenn man nichts zu teilen, haben wir keine Verbindung.

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