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Hello everyone, I am Larry and just like most of your here I am a fan of porn. Most specifically I like interracial (IR) porn. I love the mixing of 2 or more cultures sharing the one thing that all cultures have in common...A LOVE FOR SEX! If you are a fan of porn, IR porn, or just someone who likes to makes friends hit me up, you never can tell what good may come from it. Also, I just thought I would do a little update and provide you a little bit of my history....

I was in the military for 25 years and during that time I traveled all over the world living and working in different countries. You would think my first interracial experience would have come from one of those travels....NOPE, it came from my first duty assignment in California.

I was young when I first got to Cali...young, dumb, and full of cum as the old saying going goes. As most young men I got an erection when the wind blew but when I saw Jennifer it was a different story. Jennifer was born in Thailand, her father was white and of course her mother was Thai. Her father introduced, he was the dorm manager of the dorm where I lived and I was the assistant dorm manager. He introduced us during a dorm party because he wanted me to watch her and make sure the other guys stayed away from her. I did that and got an award for it later.

Jennifer liked to dance so we danced most of the night, the DJ played a final song, it was a slow song so I decided what the hell why not ask her to dance the last dance. As we slow danced together I noticed for the first time that there were at least 9 or 10 guys staring at her and I couldn't blame them. She wore tight jeans, a loose t-shirt with no bra. She was very short I am 6 ft and her head rested comfortably on my chest while we danced. At the end of the song she kissed me and said thanks for a great evening.

We went to look for her parents and found them both drunk and passed out in their car. We couldn't find the keys so we went to my room to get my truck keys. She sat down on my bed and said she was tired and didn't feel like going anywhere. But, to be honest we had been flirting the whole time we were dancing, her body felt good in my arms, her touch was nice and exciting so we made out some then let things just develop...

There was no love involved and that was good for both us, we were both just horny teenagers and acted just like it. We hurriedly took off each others clothes, I touched her body, she touched mine, I kissed her she kissed me, she touched and stroked my cock, I touched and tasted the wetness from her pussy. Being young the fore play did not last long...

She was tiny and easy to handle I picked her up, laid her on the bed...I opened her legs and let her guide my cock into her hot wet pussy. I could feel how wet she was when the head of my cock entered her pussy. I allowed my cock to go into her slowly so I could feel her pussy wrap around my cock. She moaned, put her hands on my shoulder and pulled me to her so we could kiss, she whispered in my ear..."fuck me, fuck me with that black dick that I have wanted all evening." I allowed myself to lose control because I wanted her so bad, we fucked in the missionary position for awhile, then she climbed on top of me where she could control all the action. She fucked me hard, I fucked her harder, I grabbed her ass to force my cock into her deeper, she forced my shoulders back on my bed so she could fuck me harder. I could feel her body shaking, trembling, I was at the point of no return I wanted to cum...I want to finish but not inside her because we were not using protection. She knew I was getting ready to pull out, she said "don't I am on the pill." Upon hearing that we pulled each other close. I allowed myself to release inside her, she forced her body on my cock to take all she could inside her. When I finished, she climbed off me and cleaned my cock with her mouth, I kissed her when she finished and went down on her for a few minutes. We fuck a few more times until we were both tired.

The next morning she showed me her parents car keys, she had them the whole time. I only smiled because that meant we both just wanted to fuck, no strings attached just fuck. We talked and decide that being girlfriend and boyfriend would not work, but we both wanted a fuck buddy and that was fine. We went on that way for about 4 years. I am sure her parents knew we were just fucking but all that didn't matter, all that matter at that time was the sex and since I wasn't getting any she made world of difference to me that day and many days after.


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