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Hair length Unspecified
Hair color Unspecified
Eye color Unspecified
Glasses Unspecified
Tattoos Unspecified
Piercings Unspecified
Beard Unspecified
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Pubic hair Unspecified
Chest hair Unspecified
Penis size Unspecified
Circumcised Unspecified

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papakuntlikker wrote 7 years ago

NO CONTENT = NO FRIENDSHIP!! After 2 years, you should have something to share.

galia70 wrote 9 years ago

No pics, no vids, no profile, no friend

jaxslutluver wrote 9 years ago

Sir: I sincerely doubt you have any intentions of ever posting on this site, particularly something I would enjoy. You have not read my profile prior to requesting friendship, or if you did, you chose to ignore it and continue to pester me with requests. The last thing I want do is to block someone but you leave me no choice. You are blocked!

GumpyBubba wrote 9 years ago

Ero is the easiest site of its type to upload content to.

Until you do so I wont be accepting your friend request sorry

IClaudius wrote 9 years ago

Please do not ask to be added as a friend if your own profile and page content is not available. Similarly, do not ask for an add if you have not uploaded some decent pics/vids to your page. BTW, a few pictures of your cock or your ex-GF or wife (especially blurred ones) don't count as decent content.

Diablotin70 wrote 9 years ago

Dsl profile vide

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