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its naked torments are videoed and then displayed and sold online, so that the public can purchase, download, watch, review, rate, comment on, and masturbate over its hours of pain, humiliation, and degradation. Although the clips will be available online for years to come, it will receive no compensation from their sale.

it will do nearly anything to please a Dominant Woman. it craves and fantasizes about being subjected to:
being required to nonverbally beg for pain, humiliation, and degradation
(including all activities with its mouth being treated as a reward, being required to non-verbally beg for each of them, and being painfully beaten before and after each of them)
domination by multiple mistresses
domination before an audience of spectators
domination which includes a black woman
*domination which includes a black man
threatened or even actual forced bi
forced gender transformation, including being required to wear a bra, panties, and high heel sandals
tight bondage which eliminates its ability to dodge punishment by moving its hands, feet, or body
fucking of its mouth with moist and pungent female feet
adoration of moist and pungent female toes and feet with its mouth and tongue
adoration of the pussy with its mouth and tongue
adoration of the female anus with its mouth and tongue
fucking of its mouth with a strap-on dildo
fucking of its ass with a strap-on dildo (*and cleaning it well with its mouth afterward)
*fucking of its ass by a cock
fucking of its mouth by one or more cocks
*ejaculation onto its face upon by one or more cocks
torture of its nipples with severe weighted clamps, such as Binder Clips or forceps
torture of its cock and balls (including being required to present its cock and balls for punishment without trying to protect them)
being required to wear a humbler on its cock and balls
painful and repeated electric shocks administered to its cock, balls, anus, and rectum
flogging, paddling, caning, whipping, and marking of its cock, balls, rear thighs, shoulders, buttocks
plugging of its mouth with a large dildo or ballgag
plugging of its anus with a large buttplug
being required to bend over, spread its cheeks and fully display its plugged or unplugged anus to each individual present
*being urinated upon
piercing of its nipples, *scrotum, and cock with multiple needles
suspension by its ankles during as many of the above activities as possible
*No actual experience


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Love the humbler profile picture. Mine is black.

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Thanks for the add! Means a lot!!

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Hiya thanks for coming on board as a friend.

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Thanks for the add. Great site.

JadeJones wrote 3 years ago

Some very lucky sissy girls in your videos

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Magnificent new it all...thank you!

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