I've been told i look much younger than my age and have a firm, strong body. I'm single and own my own home. I'm looking to make friends with like minded people with a view to arranging meets, either one-offs or something more regular, possibly more

United Kingdom, Swansea
Male, Relationship Single
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Hair length Short
Hair color Unspecified
Eye color Blue
Glasses Unspecified
Tattoos Unspecified
Piercings Unspecified
Beard Unspecified
Mustache Unspecified
Pubic hair Unspecified
Chest hair Unspecified
Penis size Unspecified
Circumcised Unspecified

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Sex with women
Russian (between boobs)

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Sex with men
Sex with shemales
Sex with men (TG)


I love the great outdoors, walking in the countryside, foraging in the woods, growing my own fruit and veg or just relaxing in the garden. I also like music, nice cars, good food, cosy winter nights with a good book or film and travelling.
Giving really good oral is one of my greatest gifts and pleasures. Apparently i have the tongue skills of a lesbian.......! Rimming is a massive turn on too.


My uploads offer the biggest clues and the size of the photo galleries.... so my top fetishes listed favourite first are;
1. Female arses. Admiring them, touching them, squeezing them, massaging them, licking them, rimming them, tongue fucking them and fucking them with my cock if I'm allowed- toys or fingers if I'm not.

2. Pussies. Hairy pussies are one of my fetishes but in all honesty i find all pussies incredibly beautiful and a turn on. Hairy ones trap the erotic feminine fragrance but shaven ones are easier to perform oral on. Tiny ones, big ones, neat little ones, big meaty labia, hairy, waxed- i love them all. I'm very good at giving oral and i can make you cum and squirt if you're a squirter!

3. Piss. Watching, wetting, touching, feeling or have you piss all over me or in my mouth- I've done the lot and find it incredibly horny and a real turn on. I haven't done much giving- male to female but its something I'm open to trying even though recieving a womans piss is my main kink.

4. Hairy pussies- see 2 above, shaven, waxed, big little, neat, dangly- I don't really care. I just love eating pussy!

5. Scat. I'm only interested in recieving and i have some experiences in the past. Its obviously not for everyone and i can understand that. But as an occasional 'special treat' with the right (attractive) women it is highly erotic and arousing and perhaps the ultimate 'body worship' of a beautiful, sensual woman. As we all (should) know beauty isn't skin deep- i have to be attracted to someone by their personality more so than their looks to consider serving them in this way.
If you're one of the rare women curious about scat then please get in touch... I'm very patient and understanding. We could start by just watching then move onto wiping you after, with tp then moving onto using my tongue or rimming you before or after. Or perhaps fingering or dirty anal before or after if thats a turn on- it is for me! Maybe you're thinking about becoming a dominatrix or you're a slightly bi-curious misogamy-hating lesbian couple into scat play looking to punish and dominate a man? Whatever and whoever- just send me a message.

Of course if you're a female who is turned on by anything to do with pissing or you enjoy having your ass rimmed and/or anal or you just enjoy having your pussy licked to orgasm then please also get in touch. X


Short vid of thick turd
Naked poop selfie
Shitting out constipated pebbles and rocks
Tattoo girl and her friend


Romanian hooker ass
Hairy pooper and big pussy
2 nice holes
Ass on display
Licking hairy hole
Nice natural hairy body
Stella is a young Russian student and has a hairy minge and pert tits
Russian student has a hairy minge
Nina strips naked
Nice position for deep anal
Teen enjoying first time anal
Taking cock inside her ass
Artistic standing pee photo
Quick outdoor piss
Outdoor bridge pee
Bath pee beauty
Pissing herself in green dress
Public transport pee accident
Releasing her bladder in her panties
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Tonguing a milf anus
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Pushing it in a warm tight anus feels fantastic!

Comments (4)

Stief913 wrote 11 months ago

Love your Fireworks of cunt meat!!!

JeuneEtJolie wrote 11 months ago

Hummm sympa tes photos !

Fun44 wrote 11 months ago

I've got several more videos to upload but I'm a bit reluctant as someone has been reporting my videos and getting them removed.
Quite obviously all the models are over 18 years old so its possibly a copyright spy, even though I download my vidreos free of charge from other websites. I did also report several beastiality vidoeos involving dogs and women a few days ago so its also possible that its a revenge attack.
Beastiality is wrong, disgusting and illegal- so fuck you. Lets leave eroprofile to consenting adult humans please.

Fun44 wrote 11 months ago

Sorry to have to say this but if you're a man and your only content is playing with your limp dick or shoving objects up your fat hairy ass then I'm not accepting your friend request.
I'm here to make friends with content providers who share my fetishes and kinks and to make friends with horny and sexy women, not to voyeur on your personal wank sessions or photos of your cock. I'm only a a very tiny bit bi-curious, don't be the one that makes it zero/zilch. Thank you :)

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