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Stop press ---- stop press ---- stop press

I am due to do housesitting in the north of England again in May 2023 and I have an entire joiner’s shop at my disposal. Previously the idea of a special table developed with a user until she stumbled over her delusions. So here we go again.
Whilst the table looks nice and innocent, its full potential is revealed when the top is lifted. A rail down the middle appears and a secret compartment opens with all sorts of ‘saddles’ that fit over the rail, making it a versatile ‘Wooden Pony’.
Which masochistic woman (single or in a couple m/f or f/f) wants to give it a good shot? As my wife wouldn’t ride it, I am happy to pass on ownership after a decent trial. No financial interest. I reckon GB only due to Brexit?
Fancy the ride of your life? Go for it. Questions? Ask. Different design? Talk to me.

Not withstanding my other desires.

Wenn für dich frivole Kleidung, Keuschhaltung, Fremdficken, Creampies, Erniedrigung und C3 keine Fremdwörter sind, könnte es womöglich interessant werden. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Frau, die weiss, wie man mit einem Cucki umgeht, wie und wo sie ihre Weiblichkeit einsetzen kann, und wie sie sich gerne verwöhnen lässt.
Bin nicht besonders ortsgebund und reiselustig. Jemand, die auch nur die Schlüsselgewalt übernehmen will, wäre ebenfalls willkommen

Und, einem guten Gespräch bin ich nie abgeneigt.

If this just means Double Dutch to you, I am looking for a sexually active woman who enjoys a bit of care when coming home fucked. No worries, I am happy waiting in for you, with my cock in a cage so only my hands and tongue will caress you. You are tender, I notice you sigh, you relax. The fact I lust and nearly burst my cage is none of your concerns. I am not to see you when naked? I want you but can't have? For your pleasure only?

Anybody interested in becoming my key holder?

Besides it all, always good for a decent chinwag

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Trotz reger Nachfrage, ich wichse nicht auf ein Stück Papier - Despite frequent request, I don't wank over bits of paper
Überlege mir mich als Astronaut zu bewerben, weil die Erfolgschancen wären ja da doch höher - Thinking about going for becoming an Astronaut instead, more of a chance anyway
Wer gerne mit ihren Bildern auf meiner Seite erscheinen will, einfach melden - If you would like to see your pictures on my site, get in touch


Warum heisst der Meerrettich in England Horseradish?
Nice and tight?
Hope the tape gives first
Working away happily
How to get people to go to church
Spreading the word
Begging for it
Used well
Happy to assist
Why not make a call in the phonebox
Only until they all come
Still in its wrapping
Wait here
Having a good look
Unhappy with her stockings
Professional stockings
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Mumu508 wrote 4 months ago


Herrmann33 wrote 1 year ago

Danke für die Annahme

werte wrote 1 year ago

... (o)(o) Vielen Dank (_!_) ...

latinwoman wrote 2 years ago

A pleasure to meet a true clothing fetishist.

Ulricus wrote 2 years ago

Danke, Bernard. Du hast eine tolle Sammlung, die ich sehr bewundere!

amantienne wrote 2 years ago

Thanks for reading my profile ambidexstrous pervert! ;)

Meister-Cuckie > amantienne wrote 2 years ago

An ambidextrous pervert he calls me and himself he calls Amantienne. A man called Sue? :)

BustyFan wrote 4 years ago

Schöne und viele Foto. Du hast aber an keinem die nötigen Nutzungsrechte übertagen bekommen. Insofern ist das, was Du hier machst höchst kriminell. Hab einigen der Frauen mal einen Hinweis auf deine fragwürdigen Aktivitäten gegeben. Da kommen sicherlich Schadenersatzklagen auf dich zu

Meister-Cuckie > BustyFan wrote 4 years ago

So besser, Meister?

Kennyboy82 wrote 4 years ago

Thanks for the invite, Heidrun. We should talk. xx

dita1 wrote 4 years ago

Thanks for compliments

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