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doxgrls wrote 3 years ago

Hi all. Still looking for any and all toilets in Northern California! Let's share some shit together. Like the ass you see on the profile? Then, contact me at

howlingwolf1969 wrote 3 years ago

Thanks for adding me; nice profile photo.

dixie1 wrote 3 years ago

thx for adding

doxgrls wrote 7 years ago

Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments. I am indeed THE Doc from Doc's Girls. We made 4 movies, only 2 of those ever got released. We made a final movie with 3 men and my two lovely girls in a scat gang-shit. But all good things end eventually. One of the ladies has moved far away, and the other, with the long blonde hair, sadly, passed away from heart problems (birth defect which eventually got worse). I'm looking for men and women to play discreetly with now. Thanks for all of your kind words on our videos. Anyone in the San Francisco area who wants to be my toilet, let me know.

kinneas2 wrote 8 years ago

Are you truly THE Doc from Doc's Girls?

jcr737 wrote 8 years ago

Hi Doc, where is your profile photo taken from? Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks John.

hadeanman wrote 9 years ago

Hi! Great to see you're still around! Have you made any recent videos?

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