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1 September 2018 (5 years, 9 months ago)

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wanttoeat wrote 5 years ago

You just know her shit would have been bursting with exotic tastes and a heavy scent. Being her toilet would be a joy!

juanthescatman wrote 5 years ago

clay caca

eMiReaDy wrote 5 years ago

She is healthy !
Thanks for sharing :)

darksouls wrote 5 years ago

omg she is stunning and that is the most perfect load i have seen. i would eat it straight from the source.

The_VAGUE_1 wrote 5 years ago

This is hands down one of the best turd birthings I have ever witnessed. From that smooth, yummy texture and color to the speed at which it slid out to her soft breathing. This JAV models is one of the best!

broncosva wrote 5 years ago

She is beautiful and her dump was beautiful!

hancebridgereturns wrote 5 years ago

That's an amazing turd!

fathead wrote 5 years ago

a perfect 10. nice to see breakoffs and how packed with aroma they must be -

juanthescatman wrote 5 years ago

look at the smooth texture. it looks sweet

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