was at a party and any girl that wanted to join was asked to strip. watched the wife and several other girls naked on all fours and blindfolded. Then volunteer bulls had to strip and also blindfolded on all fours then had to sniff the girls' vagina

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Wife would like to meet up with any lad that knew her from Thornes House school or the Flanshaw Hotel were she worked behind the bar sometimes topless for a dare. Was at a time when she enjoyed others enjoying her and would love to be dared like the time she did a strip in a after hours lock up for a dare was only suppose to be top half but with encouragement she went all the way and loved the attention her pussy was getting. We are now looking into shareing again and would love to hear from lads that knew her or strangers if interested in enjoying her company. We are Katrin,Sonia,Sophie and Donna and hope to please.

















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loves to watch you cum
little cock cumming for Sophie
friends with benefits

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tbar wrote 2 months ago

anyone else with history problems on here. our mail and history pager has reset and katrin was suppose to be meeting someone called nigel in our area tonght anyone know how to get back or is all affected

tbar wrote 5 months ago

Katrin was at a works party last night and a stranger came up to her and aked if he could spunk in her strange way to get a girls attention but it might have worked

indigo5 wrote 8 months ago

well hello great to see your still around and getting plenty good for you Im now in Spain and its alot more reserved out here more the [ity haaa
Have fun


tbar > indigo5 wrote 8 months ago

thanks loved spain and especialy the canary islads where my hubby let me free on the nudest beach. the one near coleta is fun didnt realise there was a rule there if you are in a certain set of dunes and youre legs are spread that is a invatation to all to enter you. found out when i had my eyes shut and just felt a bulge in me. a little shocked but when he apolagised i let him finnish. after that knew were i liked to be

master71 wrote 8 months ago

Magnific new photo profile

tbar wrote 11 months ago

Katrin is going for a meet up with friends from where she worked. She did this a couple of years ago and ended up being fucked by a close friend he is going to this one too and I think it will happen again as we have a interest in cuckold with strangers maybe we should start cuckold amongst people we know too. I have a invite too but like Katrin to meet and enjoy her own friends anyone else thinks the same

Lustylad > tbar wrote 11 months ago

yes why not if everyone is keen

tbar > Lustylad wrote 11 months ago

well I know he's keen as she told me he used to follow her around in the store and when we went shopping he was always around her too liked that I knew he'd had his penis in her but he didnt know i knew so he spoke to me as a friend but love Katrin enjoying things

Bigbanbuu wrote 1 year ago

thanks you are a very sexy lady for me

tbar > Bigbanbuu wrote 1 year ago

thanks hope to please

tbar wrote 1 year ago

anyone done this love to know more. We are an all female camera crew based in a discreet and cosy Central London film studio looking for amateur female and male Porn Stars to make our ongoing series of amateur porn star movies.

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fsoumise74 > tbar wrote 1 year ago

I could be interested in your films how can i be in france in perpignan?

Lustylad > tbar wrote 9 months ago

where is the website?

fsoumise74 wrote 1 year ago

thank you for accepting my invitation

tbar > fsoumise74 wrote 1 year ago

thanks for asking

tbar wrote 1 year ago

merry Christmas to all now all i need is some white stuff to make it perfect

bobwave1 > tbar wrote 1 year ago

Where and when can i cover tou in white stuff?

tbar > bobwave1 wrote 1 year ago

near here as in profile she loves the white stuff

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