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Widowed after nearly 30 years of marriage. Still have a good sex drive but rely on self pleasure now Hoping that will change :)

I’ve recently started a relationship with a woman who is fourteen years my junior. We share similar interests and enjoy each other very much. Although she is not inexperienced, it has been my pleasure to take her to sexual plateaus she has never before reached.

We did it!! My lovely girlfriend is now a squirter!!
I’m so happy for her!!!!!

After 35 years I finally enjoyed sucking a cock again. My lovely g/f was there to witness it. Her account of the event follows......

Girlfriend talking here:
He has been so very patient and loving with me I wanted to help him experience a fantasy.
We agreed to go to the adult bookstore just to check it out. I had been there before but only to buy retail items.
We went to the cenima to view a film and there were a few others present. My heart was racing and I was scared to death but I knew I was totally safe because he would never let anything happen to me. This feeling is a must for anyone considering going out of the norm. We had a little make out session and drew the attention of another man. He eventually moved to a chair closer to us and we could see that he was definitely aroused. My lover told him that it would be ok if he pulled his business out for viewing. The stranger complied with his request. We asked if it would be ok if my lover pleasured him and he agreed.
What happened next has replayed in my mind a million times. The pure enjoyment that was experienced by both was amazing.

It’s Dave again
We hope to do this regularly

Last night was the second meeting with a school mate of my girlfriend. We went to his house and had a few drinks. Upon returning from the bathroom my girlfriend decided to get the ball rolling and removed her clothes and then headed to the bed room. Her friend and I l followed suit, obviously. She lay on the bed as I stuck my cock in her mouth and gave her a bit of a facefuck
I looked at the fellow ( I’m leaving all names out for now) and asked him why the fuck he wasn’t jacking off. His response, “I’m watching for now “. I told him I would give him something else to watch and pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to eat her wet, swollen pussy until she started mumbling “ Suck his cock. I want to see you suck his cock” over and over.
I turned my attention to him and played with his large set of balls and sucked his modest sized cock whlle he fingered my girlfriend ‘s pussy. I worked him quite some time as he moaned and commented how good it was . My jaw was starting to ache, so I left a healthy amount of saliva on his 4 1/2 inches and proceeded to give him a hand job and roll his big balls around in my other hand. In a short while it became too much for him and over the top he went shooting his load all over his belly and my hand

Thanks to my lovely girlfriend for making all this possible

January 25, 2023
Well, I never saw this coming, but the love of my life has ended our relationship. I am heartbroken and my nights are sleepless. Her children set out to destroy the best thing that ever happened to both of us and achieved their goal


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Mrquito wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for the. Really enjoy your profile

amantienne wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for the comments!

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NoneG4 wrote 2 years ago

I want to thank you for all your great comments on my posts...I am glad somebody appreciates some of my collection. I have many more to add!

trybiguy > NoneG4 wrote 1 year ago

You are very welcome. I appreciate all the excellent clips you post

GrannyLiz wrote 2 years ago

Would luv to have your cock, in me Dave. Then when your good and horny, feeling you pullout, and watching you stroke your cock and hearing you moan, as you work your cock to orgasm. You're thrusting your hips and moaning, and then the first shot of cum shoots out. You shoot many times and cover my tummy. You go back in my pussy, and I squeeze, the last few drops from it. You pull out and rub your cock in the cum on my tummy. It is starting to go soft, as I take it in my mouth and taste your cum and my pussy juice on it.

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misterandmrs625 wrote 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment on my picture... Cindy xo

trybiguy > misterandmrs625 wrote 2 years ago

It’s easy to compliment such beauty!

beltontx wrote 2 years ago

Awesome story!! You guys sound like a lot of fun.

trybiguy > beltontx wrote 2 years ago

We’ve had lots of enjoyment

mcpbsx wrote 2 years ago

Hello! your profile fits my wife and me very well too. we are in principle a bisexual couple but since 20years in reality the straight part is only between us. With other people we enjoy our homosexual side. I enjoy seeing her lick the pussy of other women (she is very good) and she really loves me taking cocks, even in her ass. We love sucking cocks together and enjoy stealing cocks from each other's mouths. We love each other very much

trybiguy > mcpbsx wrote 2 years ago

Sounds like you are as fortunate as I am. I wish you many more years and many more experiences

SPARKY644 wrote 3 years ago

Great profile, and glad you liked the vids! They definitely work for me :)

trybiguy > SPARKY644 wrote 3 years ago

Thanks. Please keep posting those fantastic videos!

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