Cross Dressing Is My Life. Stockings & Pantyhose Worn Daily. I can't resist a cock sheathed in nylon - yummy!!!

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Sandrine PantyhoseLuvva


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Men, Men (TG), Women (TG), Shemales


Hair lengthLong
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorGray
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Penis sizeSmall

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Sex with men
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Sex with men (TG)
Sex with women (TG)
Russian (between boobs)
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Sex with women


I was formerly known as Sissy Daphné. Not any more. I am born again as Sandrine, and proud of it!!

Daphné was a name given to me by my Mistress, Mistress Davina. I am legally married to Mistress Davina (proper tarty slut cum-loving whore - not bitter at all), but recently I have been restricted to mundane chores to remain married to her. No sex at all. I can look, I can comment, but fucking her is out of the question, and I must admit, that I do not find the attraction there much nowadays anyway. Not just with my Mistress, but females in general. I get my kicks elsewhere.

I accept this role without question and am fully tolerant with my subservient position to her and her friends. A cuckold life is not a bad life. It has it's good moments.

I accept her and will do anything as instructed, no matter when or what. I have signed a pledge to obey without question. Should I fail then I am penniless and without a home. No brainer!

I love everything feminine. I love dressing up as a woman. I have done this for many years now, but much more so these last few years. The obsession has taken a firm hold of me and I wear more and more. The full hit. Lingerie, short skirts, stockings, falsies (a nice firm size C), make-up, jewellery, wigs and tall heels. Every day when I can. I have an extensive wardrobe of lingerie, outer garments and tall heels, and Mistress regularly adds to my collection. I have also entered into a regime to enhance my breasts, but it is slow.

I also love others that are similarly minded. That is why I have enroled myself here.
You see, I was included on the Whore's profile but I have have been left out, so I'll advertise myself and hope I can hook up with some of my good friends.

I am not gay, although I must admit that I am finding myself admiring fit, younger males more and more these days, but I know I am definately bi-sexual. I just cannot resist a male dressed up as a woman - the thought and sight always makes me horny, can't help it. The rub of nylon against another CD clad in nylon is so erotic. Sensuous! I'm addicted to a cock in panties or nylon sheathed. To dock with another cock is beyond words, it is sooo sensual.

I will not have anything to do with scat, but I love watersports (much used as a toilet by Mistress's friends), so anything involving piss is good. I love being pissed on especially when I am clad in nylons. My ambition is to be laid on the floor and surrounded by a circle of cocks and be pissed on - heaven. Brutal pain is a no-no, but mild pain is Ok. I will accept punishment (have done for long enough by Mistress) but only by a Daddy.

I am also more than happy to serve other couples who require a cuckold cross dresser into their love life, even if it is only to sit and watch. I am quite content to be a voyeur, and wank away in the corner, or take photographs and video for you.

I particularly love cross dressers of a similar age to me, but would entertain a mature daddy that needs pleasuring, and being well trained by my Mistress, I know how to please. I love cock, I love spunk (I am a swallower), I love the feel of a hot rigid cock up my ass - but not too big as I only have a small sissy cunt, and similarly love to fuck another ass - not forcefully or brutally, but gently. And Safely too!

I don't possess a big manly cock - as I'm frequently belittled by my Mistress and her man friends - just a small sissy clit, and I know I dribble a lot when getting dressed or am excited, but I do know how to drain those last drops from a cock or sissy clit.

I am restricted with having friends over or visiting others as Mistress can be very demanding and dismissive of my carnal needs. So, patience is a virtue.

She didn't know about my new profile either - as I desperately needed to keep it private. Unfortunately, Steffenlux grassed me up. Don't know why or what he got out of it, but I am really pissed off. That cost me a fortune in more ways than one! I wouldn't mind, but he wanted to fuck my ass! Fat chance!

I cannot do skype or cam, as it would be just too awkward for me, and Mistress does not allow it. Period. Chat could be possible, but will be rare for same reasons. If Mistress is away for any length of time, then anything is possible, and I will be up to as much fun as I am able, but I will post a note on here when that is about to happen. Keep watching!


Dressing up, cross dressers, transvestites, being girlie. Sucking cock. Did I mention dressing up? Everything feminine.

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Only this one!


Nursey Locks Me In A Chastity Cage
Being cropped by Mistress.
Cropped and Flogged
Sandrine Has a Wank
Punished once again!



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Cleaning the whore's cunt.
Needs a good tonguing
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Comments (80)

assHOLEgr wrote 3 days ago

thank you for accept my friendship request !!

DeeDeeGee wrote 4 months ago

Thank for to add, great profile

Sandrine-cd86 > DeeDeeGee wrote 3 months ago

You are very welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment. XX

Stephan77 wrote 4 months ago

Very hot Profile i love your photos

Sandrine-cd86 > Stephan77 wrote 3 months ago

Thanks Staphan. I love dressing up, I do it every night and sometimes during the day when I a can. XX

archie1946 wrote 4 months ago

So hot lovely profile wonderful pictures xxx

Sandrine-cd86 > archie1946 wrote 4 months ago

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your comment more than you can know. Sandrine XX

steve48ukK9wanted wrote 6 months ago

Thanks for adding me would love to serve along side you one day xx

littleuncutpaul wrote 6 months ago

Only too happy to expect, can't wait to get to know you better.

Sandrine-cd86 > littleuncutpaul wrote 6 months ago

Well, whatever you want, you know where to find me. Hopefully speak to you soon big boy. XX

Sermo wrote 6 months ago

Bravo pour ton profil et ta perversite....dommage qu'une belle salope comme toi n'aime pas le scat,mais comme dirait l'autre "nobodys perfect"Bisous,bisous

Sandrine-cd86 > Sermo wrote 6 months ago

Merci bcp. C'est vrai, je n'aime pas les scat, mais j'aime toutes sortes d'autres perversions. XX

badpet wrote 6 months ago

Wow !! you can do anything you want to me! Your one hot bit of totty!!! mmmm xxxxx

Sandrine-cd86 > badpet wrote 6 months ago

Thank you Dave - I am all a dribble now! I was rather hoping that you'd do a few things with me, especially if you'll wear that red dress and fishnets! Sandrine XX

cdnbimale50 wrote 7 months ago

Love to eat your shit!

milka2 wrote 7 months ago

merci chouettes vidéos et photos !

Sandrine-cd86 > milka2 wrote 6 months ago

Merci beaucoup. C'est bien que j'ai quelque chose que tu aimes.

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